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We are here to help you to go through VISA process and guide you to correct path to Japan. Samurai Japanese Language Institute (Pvt) Ltd. provides our fullest support to select you the correct path depending on your skills

Student Visa

Requirements :

12 years of local school education


Basic Japanese Language Proficiency

Technical Intern Trainee (I) Visa

Requirements :

Professional Qualifications in Relevant industry (NVQ/ Diploma / HND)


Sufficient Experience in relevant industry


Basic Japanese Language Proficiency (For care givers need to pass JLPT / NAT N4 Level)

Specified Skill Worker (I) Visa

Requirements :

Japanese Language JLPT N4 or Higher OR Japanese Foundation Test – Japanese Basic Level


Pass Any Specified Skill Test as follows:

    • Nursing care
    • Building cleaning
    • Material Processing industry
    • Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
    • Electric and electronic information related industry
    • Construction
    • Shipbuilding and ship-related industry
    • Automobile maintenance
    • Aviation
    • Lodging
    • Agriculture
    • Fisheries
    • Food and beverages manufacturing industry
    • Food service industry

Permanent Work Visa

Requirements :

University Degree


Working Experiences


Japanese Language Proficiency

You can apply following working visa categories

    • Professor (E.g. University Professor, Assistant Professor, Assistant, etc.)
    • Artist (E.g. Composers, Song Writers, Artists, Sculptors, Craftspeople, Photographers, etc.)
    • Religious activities (E.g. Religious people such as Monks, Bishops, Missionaries, etc.)
    • Journalist (E.g. Newspaper Journalists, Magazine Journalists, Editors, News Cameramen, Announcers, etc.)
    • Business Manager (E.g. Company Presidents, Directors, etc.)
    • Legal/Accounting services (E.g. Attorneys, Judicial Scriveners, Public Accountants, Tax Accountants, etc. Certified in Japan)
    • Medical services (E.g. Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc. Certified in Japan)
    • Researcher (E.g. Researchers, Investigators, etc. at Research Institutes, etc.)
    • Instructor (E.g. Teachers, etc. at Elementary Schools, Intermediate Schools and High Schools)
    • Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services (E.g. Scientific Engineers, IT Engineers, Foreign Language Teachers, Interpreters, Copywriters, Designers, etc.)
    • Intra-company Transferee (E.g. People Transferred to the Japanese Branch (Head Office of the Same Company, etc.)
    • Nursing Care (E.g. Certified Care Worker)
    • Entertainer (E.g. Musicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Sportspeople, Models, etc.)
    • Skilled Labor (E.g. Chefs Specializing in the Food of a Foreign Country, Animal Trainers, Pilots, Sports Trainers, Sommeliers, etc.)

Highly Skilled Professional Visa

You can apply following working visa categories

    • Highly Skilled Professional (I) (a)/(b)/(c) (E.g. Highly-skilled Human Resources Per “Points System”)
    • Highly Skilled Foreign Professional (E.g. Dependents of the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional, etc.)




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